Welcome to "Dude, You Are So Hot™" — also known as DYASH™. This blog is devoted to one thing, and one thing only: The thoughtful objectification of hot men.

For as long as media has existed, young girls and women have been flooded with pictures of females whom western society deigns to present as the ideal of feminine beauty. It is an impossible image for women to live up to, and it disgusts us at DYASH™. Since we are so angry, we decided we needed to do something about it — and hence this blog.

But, we at DYASH™ are practical people. Are we going to change the unattainable picture of women that western media presents to the world? Oh ... hell no. This is a blog, not the Bible.

So what are we going to do? Treat men the same way women are treated — like nothing more then pieces of beautiful meat our eyes are supposed to enjoy.

HEY! :-D

Now, this is a blog meant for gay men and straight women. But straight men should pay close attention to it, too. The dudes we highlight are what you should look like. If you don't look like these guys, straight men ... you're really pretty much a failure in life. We're just saying. Lesbians, we really don't have anything much to offer you, except a campus full of joy. So you can join us, and revel in the love we are throwing off. We want you to ... please.


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